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    Life is always uncertain in a big city like Perth. You never know when you will need to call for a 24/7 AMCO Locksmith in Rockingham. Have a lock emergency? Did you forget the key inside your car and locked yourself out? Don’t panic. Breathe!

    Because help is just a call away. 

    Locksmith Rockingham Perth

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    AMCO is a company with a vision to offer locking solutions across all Perth suburbs, including Rockingham. With our name preceding our services, we are available round the clock.

    And the good news is, we have a 98% success rate.  

    We’re Available 365 Days A Year!

    When we say we work round the clock, we mean it. We are one of the few Locksmiths in Rockingham that work 365 days – throughout the year.

    Yes, we are open during the biggest holiday season of the year, too. Worried about finding reliable locksmiths during public holidays? That’s no problem for us! You can avail our 24/7 Amco service during public holidays as well as over the weekends.

    Locked out in the middle of the night? We are open throughout the day and night. We always answer our phones no matter what time it is. 


    We are lockout specialists and are on a mission to save you from every lockout crisis.

    AMCO guarantees quick response and turnaround time for every customer. We understand emergencies better than any other Rockingham Locksmiths. So, the best part about calling us is, we connect you with your locksmith right away.

    No long waits or automated operators. 

    You can speak to your locksmith directly, confirm the venue, and get quick resolutions for all your lockout problems.

    No matter where your lockout situation is, you can relax knowing our 24/7 emergency services in Perth will reach you in no time.


    AMCO has a long list of satisfied customers. We never say no to any lockout crisis. And that is why we have a loyal client base.

    We aim to be the first name on your mind when you have an emergency. For this, we have diversified our services. We have made arrangements to be highly responsive to your emergencies.

    Our professionals are equipped to deal with any lockout problems. We can:

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    Get in touch to talk to us about your locksmith emergency and we’ll tell you more.

    CALL 08 9444 2089


    Not everyone knows this, but builders can’t install locks. They aren’t aware of the fundamentals of lock systems. This leads to potential risks of break-ins and theft.

    Concerned about your safety?

    Ring us up and get expert locksmiths at your commercial spaces.

    With us, securing your offices and shops is a matter of just one call.


    All our 24/7 locksmith services in Rockingham are professionals. They are licensed to resolve any lockout problem.

    With over 10 years of experience, our expert Perth Locksmiths can perform any locking task without any hassles.

    We partner with only those locksmiths who are skilful at their job. We hire professionals who are experienced in handling different types of locks and keys, so you can get quick solutions for your problems.

    Your safety is our top priority. Our professionals are always willing to present you with an ID, so you know you are working with genuine professionals.


    Don’t you hate it when you discuss something and pay something else? We are with you on that.

    AMCO prides on never misleading our customers. We respect your money, so we never charge you more than what is pre-decided.

    We tell you our rates before you avail our services, so you can spare yourself from the pressure of overspending.

    Interestingly, we have excellent customer retention rates despite this policy. Thanks to our affordable and competitive prices, it’s hard to say no to our 24/7 emergency locksmiths service.

    Locksmith in Rockingham Residential Services

    We always advise you to call us right away and don’t try to complicate your door, key, and lock problems. However, we understand you want an outright solution to your problem. That’s why we respond immediately.

    If you have problems listed, we can help you with that, so call us: 

    Basically, for any household lock problems, we can handle them. Our locksmiths are very skilled, so never hesitate to call us if you want an immediate solution.

    We are always available around the clock. So even if your problems take place during rush hours or days, you can still give us a call, and we’ll answer promptly.

    Customer Satisfaction

    AMCO in Rockingham enjoy a 98% success rate with a very long list of satisfied customers.

    According to various customer reviews, we have shown the utmost excellence in professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value.

    As per Therese, who’s one of our previous clients, our locksmiths are very professional and friendly. Moreover, she said that our locksmiths are very fast and efficient technicians. She even gets a bit of advice on a few things related to security in the household.

    We always set the bar high to maintain customer satisfaction. Hence, we are always ensures the perfection of delivery. And, we never tolerate mediocrity among our locksmiths.

    There is no muss, no fuss, and no muss in our service. We go there, do our best work, and ensure your safety.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I have my locks changed?

    Locksmiths Rockingham suggests that once you start seeing evidence of depreciating value and fragileness, call us right away to replace them with better locks.

    Please don’t wait for it to break out because prevention is always better than cure. Maintaining good condition to your lock system is never a waste of money. It’s always a great investment.

    Can locksmiths make keys from a lock?

    Yes, locksmiths in Rockingham are well-trained experts. But, of course, doing this requires a certain talent and years of practice. But since the locksmiths here are experts, they can do it without problems.

    Can locksmiths be trusted?

    Unfortunately, not all locksmiths are trustworthy. Some can be dodgy and shady. But luckily, you can easily segregate the real ones. And that’s what’s good with locksmith Rockingham. 

    They have legitimate licenses. AMCO and the government verify them. So these are the things you need to consider before hiring one.

    Can locksmiths open cars?

    Car lockouts are one of the most common problems people cry about from time to time. Hence, locksmiths became popular in engaging in such vehicles because of those.

    We are trained to respond to any situation. They are not limited by specific expertise. Hence, locksmiths can open cars and even fix the broken locks of vehicles.

    How do locksmiths open doors?

    Licensed locksmiths are equipped with many techniques because it’s part of their training. In addition, they usually have lock-picking kits to deal with any situation. With that, your doors can be opened quickly without hassle.


    AMCO has made finding locksmiths surprisingly easy. With just one click, you can call expert and verified locksmiths to your place of emergency.

    All you to do is dial 08 9444 2089 and keep yourself and your loved ones safe with reliable and responsible Rockingham Locksmiths.

    Amco is your complete solutions in Perth. Some of the suburbs we service: