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    If you ever get caught up in the issues related to the door or a car lock, it will not be a pleasant experience. It is because lock issues can cause a serious security concern for your home or office.

    When it comes to securing residential and commercial properties, there are various aspects, which need attention, and security systems are one of them. Our wide range of locksmith services include door lock systems, smart door locks, restricted key systems, duplicate keys, repairs/installation, and more.

    At AMCO Locksmith Sorrento, our main objective is to help you get rid of issues related to your lock systems by providing round-the-clock services.

    Our emergency services are available in many service areas in Western Australia, including Sorrento. Our highly trained and skilled technicians are always ready to assist you with your emergencies as soon as possible.

    CALL 08 9444 2089

    Get Diverse Locksmith Services in Locksmith Sorrento

    We offer a wide range of services in Locksmith Sorrento to ensure security for your home or business.


    We offer fast, efficient, and dependable locksmith services to residential properties across Sorrento. We can take care of all your door or safe lock requirements in a reasonable price range.


    We always realize the importance of security in your commercial property. Our vast range of locksmith Sorrento solutions can fulfill all the security needs of small and large commercial properties. We specialise in repairing and installing various commercial security systems.


    Car owners often face issues with their lock systems and we offer specialised automotive services for major car brands, including Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, Volkswagen, and others.

    Regardless of which car you own and what kind of issue you face regarding car locks, we can always help you.

    Why Hire Locksmith Sorrento WA?

    We have been providing locksmith services in Australia for more than two decades. We began our journey to do locksmith business by offering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective services with integrity and build a reputation. Our success over the years is a testimony of our longstanding corporate philosophy.

    Our team comprises highly skilled and trained technicians who can evaluate and implement robust security systems to secure your home or office.

    Our services include repair, supply, and installation of all manufacturers’ door and car locks door hardware.

    Besides locksmiths, our team also has a mix of seasoned architectural door hardware experts and automotive lock specialists. All these experts put in coordinated efforts to provide our clients with a comprehensive service at competitive rates.

    Regardless of whether you have a conventional or sophisticated lock system in your home, office, or automobile, you need a reliable service provider if something goes wrong with those systems. We provide services across various services areas in Western Australia to all property types.

    Let’s Get Started! We are Just a Call Away

    The professional and friendly team at AMCO is always keen to provide prompt services according to your needs. We have an unwavering focus to keep up with the changing needs of our customers when it comes to the safety and security of their residence, commercial property, or vehicle.

    We are currently dealing with a vast range of customers, due to the increasing security needs these days. We can assure you that, no matter how minor your issue is regarding your lock system, we treat every customer with the same priority and respect, along with high-quality service.

    We have a dedicated and specialised division for residential, commercial, and automotive locksmiths, and have a mobile servicing team on standby for emergency service requests.

    Contact us today and let us know your security requirements by calling us at 08 9444 2089. You can also drop an inquiry by filling out this online form, and we will be glad to assist you.

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