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    Looking for Master Key System Installation in Perth? Here’s what you need

    Your locks and security systems are the only factors that ensure the safety of your home or business. A survey reported that burglars prefer to open doors and windows with inadequate security systems and detectable keys for their break-in attempts.

    While you can’t do much about the potential criminals, you can take some steps to reduce the risk of theft with a high-end security system. Installing a Master Key System with the help of AMCO Locksmiths can simplify the process. In addition, it can ensure your and your business’ safety.

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    What Is a Master Key System?

    A.k.a. Master Lock System is a unique locking technique that provides a specific level of access for each set of keys. A ‘Master Key’ has the highest level of access and can open all the doors and safes (if required) in a specific facility. The other keys will only have access to specific doors depending on their level of authorization.

    Traditionally, a set of keys given to individual employees would have keys for their specific offices, rooms, or spaces. Office managers, who need access to multiple areas, can be spotted carrying around multiple keys on them. This would be bulky, heavy, and inconvenient. If a key was lost, it can easily go unnoticed and could be difficult to track down.

    More often than not, buildings and locks change, and keys can get lost in the process or become obsolete. At some point, a standard door lock system can become a severe security risk. For example, people at your business space might start leaving doors unlocked or might share keys with people unknown to you.

    With a Master Lock System, each person has his or her key. Therefore, it eliminates the issues associated with individual keys, which includes:

    These master keys are typically designed to unlock:

    How Are Locks Master Keyed?

    Conventional locks that require one key have pins instilled in them both at the bottom and the top. When the correct key is used in a particular lock, the keys create a thin line, which frees the lock cylinder pins and allows them to turn freely.

    In a Master Key System, only a few keys have all the curves needed to fit into each pin in the lock. The system can be modified according to the level of access given to an individual. In the case of a dual combination key, there are up to 17 million locking combinations.

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