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    Joondalup, your all-in-one Professional Locksmith service is here! At AMCO, we absolutely love Joondalup but could see that it was lacking the dependable expert service that it deserved. So, what did we do?

    We became the leading Locksmith business, offering 24/7 Emergency services for all situations. This includes Residential , Commercial and Automotive Locksmiths.

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    We are Fully Licensed Professionals

    At AMCO, we know that it’s important for residents to able to get the Emergency Locksmith help they need promptly. We are uncompromising with our service, providing fully licensed, insured and screened professionals who have many years of industry experience.

    When you choose us, you get the guarantee of the industry’s finest Experts who can handle your request with ease.

    We Value Your Safety – So Provide Only the Best Products in the Industry

    Whether you require replacement locks for your home or want a security system installed for your business, you can count on AMCO to have the job completed done fast and with professionalism. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have the right products for you while being as safe as possible and at affordable rates.

    Joondalup Car Locksmiths

    Whether it’s getting locked out of your car, your car key’s fob isn’t working, or your key needs reprogramming, AMCO is here to give you the help you need. We know that requiring an Car Locksmiths means that you want a service that is as prompt as possible.

    With our many Mobile services in Joondalup and beyond, you never have to wait long. Whatever locksmith request you may have, we provide a 24/7Emergency service that can be with you in no time.


    A business with exceptional security means that it doesn’t run the risk from break-ins, theft and potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

    Get the peace of mind of knowing that your business or commercial establishment is secured with AMCO’s expert Commercial Locksmiths service. Not only do we provide the best products in the industry, but our experts will happily guide you through consultation to make your business has the top security that it deserves.

    Some of our services include Electronic Access Control, Lock and Security System Installation, Smart Locks, and lock and key replacement, repair and duplication.

    Your Experienced Residential Locksmith

    Through our Residential Locksmiths service in Joondalup, you can sleep easy knowing that your home and loved ones have the best security in place. Whether it be our reliable locks, security systems, or services such as lock repair, AMCO has over 10 years of experience under our belt and know how to put your home in good hands.

    How Do You Know If You Have the Best Locksmith?

    Locksmiths are pretty handy tradespeople and can solve issues relating to keys and locks. To become a qualified locksmith, you need to complete a certification program and undergo an apprenticeship.

    The best locksmiths in Joondalup possess specific skills level relative to their experience in the trade. You’ll know when you have the best tradesperson at your disposal when they exhibit the following skills:

    Joondalup has more than a handful of locksmiths who look for exemplary service can become a daunting experience. When needing a professional, always look for a highly-trained and skilled technician offering a full-service security solution.

    Hiring a Professional Locksmith

    Locks are the most common yet often neglected mechanical devices inside an average home. While most homeowners do nothing to maintain this small apparatus, we expect them to work for long.

    Most locks are made to last for a long time, but they are also vulnerable to many problems. Losing keys, forgetting codes, and constant exposure to natural elements require you to hire the service of a professional locksmith.

    There are more than a couple of reasons to hire the services of a professional locksmith in Joondalup. Whether you are constantly losing copies of your key or want to improve home security, a locksmith is there to provide the service. 

    Fully-Licensed Professionals Servicing the Joondalup Region

    AMCO understand the value of having an emergency locksmith to get things back to normal. A locksmith can provide uncompromising service, whether you need a new security lock installed, lost your home keys, or got the car keys locked inside the vehicle.

    Our professionals know the value of time, and we work promptly to resolve any issue you are facing. AMCO Locksmiths is a licensed business in Joondalup with certified technicians guaranteed to provide quality service.

    We are known to deliver exemplary jobs, and we make sure to meet your expectations by ensuring you get the proper support. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you have the right products and services while getting value for your money.

    The Number 1 Choice in Joondalup

    Locksmiths are often one of the most underestimated jobs until something wrong or unexpected happens. These tradespeople provide the expertise you need when repairing, installing, or opening unintentionally locked keys.

    Using various techniques, these professionals can work without destroying your doors. Locksmiths are needed when people are locked out of their properties, lose their keys, need the lock changing, or require the keys resized or cut.

    When looking for a locksmith in Joondalup, always know what type of service you need before having a technician come over. It ensures that the technician has a complete understanding of what to do and the approaches required to fix your lock issues. More importantly, find out if they back their service with a satisfaction guarantee.


    Do you have locksmiths for commercial establishments?

    Yes. AMCO caters to residential and commercial establishments where lock repairs, replacements, and installations are required.

    Do you provide a warranty for your products and services?

    Yes. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for more details on warranties and after-sales support.

    Can you make keys from a lock if I lose all the copies?

    AMCO technicians can create keys whenever there are no duplicates available. If you lost or damaged your keys, we can create a new one without dismantling the lock.

    Can you help if I get locked out of my safe?

    Generally, safety is more complicated than a conventional lock because it keeps people out. However, our professionals can help you regain access to the safety vault without compromising the whole device.

    Contact AMCO Locksmith in Joondalup if you need repair, maintenance, fitting, or lock installation. We are a leading locksmith business, offering 24/7 emergency services for any situation. Call us today at 08 9444 2089!

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