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How Much Does It Cost to Reprogram a Car Key? Posted on Nov 11th, 2019

Gone are the days where you can just get your car key duplicated at your local key cutter for a small sum – your best these days is to find a quality Locksmith in Perth like Perth Locksmith Service to take care of this. The majority of keys these days have a transponder in them,…

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How much does a locksmith cost to change locks in Perth? Posted on Oct 13th, 2019

Many believe that a locksmith is someone whose job is to just make and repair locks. However, with the introduction of technology, comes a wider selection of locks which has also resulted in a widened scope for locksmiths. Reliable Residential locksmiths in Perth You need to get the best and most reliable Residential Locksmiths Perth…

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Amazing Benefits Of Using a Smart Door Lock System Posted on Jul 18th, 2019

Whether it’s a question of protecting your home or increasing security for a commercial space, it never hurts to be smart! That’s why residential locksmiths and commercial locksmiths put so much trust into Smart Door Lock Systems. They’re the best at the job! Commercial Locksmiths Perth Residential locksmiths, Perth, have taken up the responsibility to…

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How much does a locksmith charge to program a key? Posted on Jun 15th, 2019

It depends what kind of key you are talking about. Spare keys for a simple lock like a padlock are cheap to cut and should cost you no more more than $65 – depending on whether your locksmith lives locally or not. Key Programming & Cutting Perth If your lock is more complicated – the…

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Home Security Tips from Our Locksmith In Perth Posted on May 17th, 2019

When you’re a locksmith, the most embarrassing thing you can experience is a break-in. So, Residential Locksmiths don’t take chances with one thing – security. Residential Locksmiths Perth At Perth Locksmiths, we’ve secured our homes plus the homes of thousands of customers in Perth. The city’s most friendly residential locksmiths, what we’ve done this month…

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How Digital Lock Installation Works? Posted on Dec 13th, 2018

The Locksmith’s Pick: The Top 3 Digital Locks Money Can Buy in Australia Let’s face it, Digital Locks have taken Australia by storm. What Digital Locks have been feeding, besides our fetish for technology, is a desire for security which is today at a level, even experts could never have predicted. Digital Lock Installation is…

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What is Smart Lock Installation? Posted on Nov 12th, 2018

‘Smart Lock Installation’ is the latest advancement in Home Security Locksmiths service in Perth, operated electro-mechanically to secure your home locks and make your life a little bit easier. It allows you to control your locks with your devices, making your home security a mere convenience. It is a device that lets you open and…

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Control freak? We Got Just the Security System you need Posted on Sep 20th, 2018

  Let’s face it, if you own a business, you want to control it, not just own it. That’s been harder said than done – until now. Control access to your office An access control system allows you to decide ‘who goes where’ not just ‘who goes there’ as far as your office is concerned!…

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