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Residential Locksmiths In Perth


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    AMCO Locksmiths have been servicing the residents of Perth for over a decade and counting, and have earned the trust and respect of many people in terms of Residential Locksmiths services.

    We at AMCO Locksmiths are dedicated to maintaining the satisfaction and confidence of our customers. In this light, we make it a duty to provide top quality service using top-of-the-range equipment, so that you can rest assured that your house is protected properly.

    Residential Locksmiths Perth

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    Your house is your sanctuary. It should be a place where you feel safe and secure, and a poorly installed lock does not allow that. With us, you can be certain that all your locks meets regulations and standards and that they are tailored specifically to your house’ security needs.

    We also respect that your time is precious. Every second that passes is another second spent in anxiety, when you’d rather be doing something else. That is why we keep our Residential Locksmiths service very responsive and highly mobile. Our service vans are always on standby ready to speed out to your house as soon as possible.

    So if you’ve got an emergency, trust us to have your back. Day or night, we will make our way to assist you as fast as possible.

    Call us now at 08 9444 2089 or use our online form to get in touch with us today.


    24/7 Lockout Emergency Residential Locksmiths

    In the unfortunate case that you get locked out of your own house we provide an emergency lockout service to get you inside of your house in no time in Perth.

    The services operates around the clock, and we have service vehicles ready 24/7 so that we can respond to your call immediately. So don’t stress, we’ll get to you immediately so that you can spend your precious time relaxing rather than in anxiety. Contact with our Emergency Locksmiths in Perth.

    Lock Repair/Replacement

    Locks are not everlasting, especially after continual use. They eventually wear out and need repair. We offer a lock repair service so that your lock can continue serving as your home’s front line of defense.

    Types of locks we service are: front door locks, screen door locks, garage locks, gate locks, sliding door locks, and more. However, if the lock is beyond repair, we can also just replace the lock outright and supply you with a new set of keys.

    Key Duplication

    We encourage all our customers to always have a backup ready, just as you would with any important item. Having a spare key handy means that you can never get locked out of your house.

    This avoids having to spend your precious time waiting in the cold outside, when you’d rather spend it relaxing on the lounge or having a nice dinner. This also makes it easier for us to make more duplicates as we have a guide to work with. You can also have duplicates made for family members or trusted friends. Choose the best key duplication service.

    Lock Installation

    We can install top quality locks for a reasonable price in Perth that adhere to industry standards and provide solid protection. You can ask our qualified technicians for advice on which lock and security system best suits your house.

    Locks we can install include: door locks, screen door locks, window locks, garage locks, gate locks, commercial locksmiths and more. We make it a duty to make sure that you feel as safe and secure as possible.


    We are focused on giving the correct insurance to your home, and reacting as quick as could be allowed to any crises. With our 15 years of experience, you can assume that the administrations we give are second to none. We make it an obligation to dependably give an administration that is solid, effective and proficient.

    At AMCO, we value continually accomplishing customer fulfillment – we won’t be fulfilled ourselves until the customer is content with our administration. Our occupation as Residential Locksmiths is to guarantee that you feel sheltered and secure whether it is at your home, auto or office, and we consider this important.

    This is seen in how determined we are in giving a security arrangement that is custom-made to your needs. Regardless of what the security framework you oblige, we have certainty that we can give a shrewd and expert arrangement in Perth.


    If you require our services and seek a consultation, call us now on 08 9444 2089 to get in touch with one of our experienced technicians in our office at Mount Lawley WA. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our online form and we will get back to you shortly.

    In the event that you require our services and look for a meeting, call us now on 08 9444 2089 to contact one of our accomplished specialists in our office at Mount Lawley WA. On the other hand, you can send us a message through our online structure and we will hit you up right away.