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    Why Digital Door Locks Installation is Worth the Expense it Involves

    Digital Door Locks are a popular choice these days, and with good reason – they offer you a level of security you simply can’t get with mechanical locks.

    Installing a Quality Digital Door Lock that will keep you and your family (or your tenants, if you’re a Landlord on AirBNB Australia) safe, cost anything from $300 to $500 upwards – depending on the type and brand of Door Lock you choose. Is this expense worth it? We believe so, and this is why.

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    1. Thieves struggle to open Digital Door Locks

    There are three ‘key’ types of Digital Door Locks – those that are operated by Swipe Cards, those operated by a Keypad and a Code (known only to the User) which opens the door, and locks operated by an app on your smartphone.

    All three locks offer a level of security that mechanical locks struggle to and are therefore worth investing in.

    2. A single theft can wipe out your security, reputation and capacity to earn an income

    If a thief breaks into your home (whether your family is inside it at the time or not), the casualty is often your family’s emotional security – not to mention your own.

    Is this worth the few hundred dollars a Digital Door Locks Repair costs in Perth?

    At AMCO Locksmiths, we like to share a little Case Study with clients who are ‘sitting on the fence’ – wondering whether they should install Digital Locks or Digital Deadbolt Locks on their properties.

    Digital Lock Installation Perth

    The Case for Installing a Digital Lock System for your Home or Business

    Digital Locks are a technology that Households and Businesses are fast adopting, to secure their properties in Australia. But are they expensive? It all depends on the way you look at the expense.

    Case 1
    Lucy owns a property in Perth that she rents to guests using Air BNB – are Digital Locks a good investment for her?

    The answer is yes! For that, she should know What is Lock Installation? Because installing Digital Door Locks means Lucy doesn’t have to be at her apartment when her guests turn up.

    She can simply email the key code to her guests who can get easy and secure access to her apartment as they arrive.

    Lucy no longer has to leave the keys in the letterbox where thieves, hedgehogs or Wombats can get them!

    Case 2
    Roy, Nora and Michel run a Digital Marketing Agency in Ashfield, Perth – will digital locks work for them?

    The answer is yes, again. The trio has ten computers on their premises with a server as well. The total value of the goods is $17,500. If a thief enters the premise, the loss could be substantial. In their office’s case, Digital Lock Installation costs $750 because they want the ability to programme the locks via a smartphone app.

    When we look at the potential loss that a theft could involve, the cost of a Digital Lock System is a no-brainer. It is also a Tax Expense which drops the overall costs down by up to half.

    Natali, Daniella and Ann are three sisters who have just moved to Perth. They have rented a House in Armadale but would like to feel totally secure. For them, Deadbolt Locks and a TouchPad Lock with a Key code was our recommendation.

    The Advantages of Digital Door Locks

    Digital door locks have quickly become a go-to choice for homeowners in Perth. Here are some of the key advantages they offer:

    Digital Door Locks in Perth

    The appeal of digital door locks is not limited to their advanced security features and convenience. Perth homeowners have embraced these modern locks for several reasons:

    Digital Door Lock Repairs in Perth

    While digital door locks are highly reliable, like any other technology, they may occasionally require maintenance and repairs. Here are some common issues that might warrant a professional locksmith’s attention:


    Are digital door locks in Perth weather-resistant?

    Yes, many digital door locks are designed to withstand Perth’s coastal climate, making them resistant to rust and other weather-related damage.

    What should I do if I forget my access code for the digital door lock?

    If you forget your access code, you can contact a locksmith in Perth to help you reset the code and regain access to your home.

    Do digital door locks require a power source, and what happens if the batteries die?

    Most digital door locks are battery-powered. If the batteries run out, you can contact a locksmith to replace them and regain access to your property.

    How can I ensure the longevity of my digital door lock in Perth?

    To ensure your digital door lock’s longevity, regularly perform maintenance checks and consider professional repairs when needed. Additionally, keep the lock’s firmware up to date to enhance security and functionality.

    AMCO Locksmiths, Digital Door Locks Sale in Perth

    Here is the place where you can find the best option for you. We are selling Digital Locks with the best security.

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    Security is something we must ALL take seriously

    The cost of a break-in is not just financial, it is also emotional. The toll could lead to sleepless nights and may affect health and wellness in a major way.

    Is your SAFETY or your Family’s or your Tenant’s a risk worth taking?

    We don’t believe so. As “Experienced Locksmiths in Perth”, we understand security and can advise and deliver it to you with benefits that we believe will far outweigh their cost.

    To learn more about our Digital Lock Installation Capabilities or to enquire about the Price Installation involves, please call us at AMCO Locksmiths on 08 9444 2089.