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    AMCO Locksmiths understand the gravity of the situation when you’re locked out of the house and are in dire need of trusted locksmith service. Our mobile service Locksmiths Osborne Park are available at your service 24/7.

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    Call 08 9444 2089

    Being a member of the Masters Locksmiths Association of Australia, our customers are guaranteed the best security solutions and products. We are a close-knit team of trusted and reliable locksmiths who understand the importance of your privacy and safety.

    24/7 Home, Office, and Auto Locksmith services in Osborne Park

    We dabble in various fields while providing our Locksmith Services in Osborne Park. Whether you are locked out of your home or your car, we won’t hesitate to offer you our fast and expert-based locksmith services anytime, anywhere

    Residential Locksmith Services

    Your house is like your own sanctuary. Nothing can match the satisfaction of having a roof over our heads. And without a trusted locksmith who can install a robust and high-tech lock in your house, achieving that sense of safety is challenging.

    Call your local Residential Locksmiths of Osborne Park right now to get an update on new-age security solutions for your humble abode. 

    Commercial Locksmith Services

    At AMCO, our staff understands that a commercial premise’s security needs are different from that of a residential one. We are the best in business if you’re looking for a team of highly Experienced Commercial Locksmiths in Osborne Park. We assess your business needs and accordingly provide you a security solution that’s tailor-made for your place and your satisfaction.

    Automotive Locksmith Services

    Ever happened when your car won’t open, or you can’t find your keys outside a grocery store? Quite annoying, right? No need to break your window or mess up with the locking system of your vehicle. The Automotive Locksmiths Osborne Park is ready to service you in such situations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

    Affordable Rates

    The prices of AMCO Locksmiths Osborne Park are unbelievable as we do not charge any extra amount on the final bill. We take what we first quote. Not charging extra for our legitimate services is among many other qualities that differentiate us from other locksmiths out there. Apart from affordable rates, here’s why you must choose us:

    A team you can trust! Our professionals are insured, bonded, and licensed. AMCO Locksmiths Perth is a trusted and reliable security expert. Our business is family-owned and operated, and we consider security as our topmost priority.

    The AMCO Locksmiths team keeps the customer’s privacy in high regard, and we are committed to not crossing the line so that the customer bond remains intact.

    Why Choose AMCO Locksmiths?

    While it’s true that there are several other locksmith companies you can find in Osborne Park, AMCO Locksmiths is still one of the best options you can find. Here’s why.

    Perfect Combination of Quality and Affordability

    The biggest concern many people have about hiring locksmiths is that they need to sacrifice quality for affordability or vice versa. But that’s not the case with AMCO Locksmiths. We will assess your needs, coordinate with you on your budget, and offer a quote that won’t break the bank.

    With our highly trained locksmiths, we ensure that you get top-notch quality services at an affordable price.

    Family-owned, Friendly, and Approachable

    As a family-owned company, we not only adhere to industry standards of security and operate under the MLAA code of ethics, but we also make it a point to be stable, approachable, trustworthy, and customer-friendly.

    We want you to feel as comfortable working with us as possible and rest assured that your security and safety are our top priority.

    15+ Years of Experience

    Unlike other amateur companies just emerging in the industry, AMCO Locksmiths has been a significant player for more than 15 years. As a result, we have had our fair share of locksmithing experience and can provide you with a more comprehensive approach to your security needs.

    Trusted Services

    As an established company in Osborne Park, we have worked with numerous clients over the years. During that time, we’ve built a loyal customer base that has put their trust in our services.

    As locksmiths, we are committed to providing only the best protection for your home, office, and vehicle. We will tailor our services to meet your needs while adhering to industry standards and building regulations.

    24/7 Availability and Quick Response Time

    We understand that emergencies arise in the least opportune times. Because of this, we make it a point to stay available at all times of the day, morning, afternoon, or evening. When you call our offices, we make sure to respond quickly and get to your destination as fast as possible. The last thing we want is to keep you in a vulnerable position and put your safety at risk.

    Handpicked, Certified, and Insured Team of Locksmiths

    Not only are all our employees certified in Locksmithing, but they also hold a Blue card and security license that recognize their credibility and competence in the field. In addition, we ensure that our highly-trained team can provide only the most reliable services for our customers.

    Well-Equipped to Handle Any Situation

    Through our rigorous training and experience, we are well-equipped to handle any situation, big or small. So we constantly stay updated with the latest industry trends and security technologies to offer you the most suitable solutions. After all, our job is to ensure safety and security, whether at home, in the office, or your car.


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions to learn more about locksmithing and how we can be of service to you.

    Should I Change the Locks of my New Home?

    Yes. As a safety precaution, we recommend replacing your new home’s existing locks with something different. Keeping them as they are can allow the previous owner, contractors, or relatives to access your property. But, of course, you don’t want to worry about this, so it’s best to update the locks to increase your privacy and security.

    Do Locksmiths have a “Master” Key with Access to All Locks?

    Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have a “master” key that can open any type of lock. Instead, we apply several techniques and use expert equipment to open locked doors.

    What are High-Security Locks?

    Unlike conventional locks and keys, high-security locks are much harder to access to and much challenging to duplicate. Because of this, they offer the best protection against potential burglaries and trespasses.

    There are several high-security locks in the market you can look into, but if you already have your eyes set on a particular brand and model, we at AMCO Locksmiths will be happy to install it for you.

    Can Locksmiths Open Safes?

    Yes, we can open safes. Unfortunately, similar to vehicles and buildings, safes are also prone to lock problems. Perhaps you forgot the code, or the lock system malfunctions due to faulty and outdated technology. Whatever the case may be, it’s entirely possible to encounter issues. When this happens, you can contact our services so we can help you solve the problem.

    We can help you regain access to essential items hidden inside the safe and ensure that the structure remains undamaged, should you decide to use them in the future.

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