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Restricted keys allow property owners to maintain the highest level of security. Restricted keys cannot be duplicated without consent from the original owner or an authorised representative. Due to design registration and patents, duplication must be performed by the original locksmith. This method provides property owners complete control over the production of keys, and significantly improves the security and safety of your family, friends, and employees.


Access Control Systems remove the need to carry around a bunch of keys, keys are instead replaced by a handy lightweight key card, which provides access to permitted areas. The electronic nature of the keycard system, enables you to manage access to specified areas. So while guests may only be permitted into the foyer and a limited number of areas, staff and cleaners may have access to the whole building. Access Control systems make the entry management a streamlined process, and while ensuring security and safety.


Safes are incredibly useful for protecting sensitive documents and items. However, it’s not going to be very useful if it locks both you and everyone else out. We offer a Number of Services to make sure that your safes are in working order and are installed properly.

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