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    1. When should I consider calling a locksmith?

    Ans. When you want to secure your residence, offices or valuables from unauthorized access, from intruders or from getting stolen. And to change locks in case of a lost key, or locking yourself out of your vehicle/house/safe.

    2. I can get someone else for cheaper. Why should I choose a locksmith?

    Ans. Because locksmiths are experienced and qualified to provide better workmanship, provide warranty and provide maximum protection for your security solutions. Choosing a licensed locksmith will ensure your peace of mind. AMCO Locksmiths service is available 24/7

    3. Can all my locks work from only one key?

    Ans. Usually, yes. Any key that fits into the locks but doesn’t turn, we can change the pins in order to have the key turn. If the key does not slide in the lock, then we can replace the locks with a compatible key.

    4. What can I do if my house keys have been stolen?

    Ans. Contact us. Our experienced locksmiths will re-key the barrels of your locks so as to make sure the old keys do not work anymore.

    5. Can I minimize the number of keys cut for me?

    Ans. Yes. You can limit the number of keys that are cut for you through our “Restricted Key System”. Contact us for further discussions.

    6. What is master keying?

    Ans. Master Keys have the ability to override different keys. For example, if you have several keys for different locks, a Master Key will work with all locks.

    7. What is the difference between Security keys vs. Normal keys?

    Ans. Normal household key can be cut by a local key cutter with no questions asked. A security key, or registered key, can’t be copied without appropriate authorization and is only duplicated by the locksmith company who gave you the system. We recommend a Registered Key System for all businesses.

    8. I’ve locked my keys in my car. Now what?

    Ans. Get in touch with us. We can get entry into your car without damaging it. Our locksmith can also make you a spare key without having to tow your car. Our mobile service vans will come to you.

    9. My car keys were stolen. What do I do?

    Ans. Not to worry. We can recode your ignition in a way that the stolen car key would no longer fit. After that, we can make you a new set of keys that comply with your vehicle.

    10. How do I know if I need new locks or rekeying?

    Ans. It is the same process. Only the barrels are changed. However, if the locks are damaged beyond repair then rekeying may not be possible and the whole lock will need to be replaced.