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When Should I Call a Locksmith?

Posted on 03th, May 16

Locksmiths offer a number of services including security Repairs and InstallationSafe Installation and Access Control, changing and Rekeying locks, replacing car keys and duplicating or cutting keys. AMCO Locksmiths in Perth are available 24/7 for your locksmith service needs. Here are some of the scenarios when you should call a locksmith.

If You Are Locked Out

The primary reason people contact a locksmith is due to being locked out. Whether this is your residence or car, locksmiths are available at any time of day or night to assist. Find a reputable locksmith that holds a security card and is experienced in gaining access to your residence or car. Your professional locksmith has specialist tools to quickly and easily get you inside at any time of the day or night.

When You Move House

Although the previous owners are required to hand over the keys to the property there is no way of knowing if you have all copies. For peace of mind you may wish to have the locks changed or rekeyed. If there is no damage or wear and tear to the lock rekeying may be the easiest and cheaper option. Your local locksmith can advise you on which type of lock would work best for your home and install it for you.

Evaluate Home Security

Do you feel safe and secure in your own home? Your locksmith can advise and install home security systems and safes. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your home security systems can also be provided by your locksmith. For older homes you may wish to upgrade your locks for better protection. A professional locksmith can advise you if your lock systems are adequate.

More Copies of Keys

Whilst you shouldn’t hide a key under your door mat, you may have a trusted neighbour, friend or family member you can trust with an extra copy. Or maybe you need more keys for extra occupants of your household. Whatever the reason, your locksmith can make duplicates of keys. By using a key cutting machine the original key is used as a template to replicate the exact shape. Locksmiths pride themselves on their Key Cutting accuracy.

Broken Key in the Lock

If you’ve managed to snap the key in the lock don’t try and get it out yourself as this can cause damage. A locksmith is experienced in retrieving it without impairing the lock.

There are a number of situations in which you might find yourself requiring a locksmith. As locks and security devices are becoming increasingly more complicated it is worthwhile to contact a trained professional to assist with your locksmith requirements. Contact AMCO Locksmiths for high quality, professional and 24/7 service all around Perth.

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