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What to do in case of Burglary?

Posted on 21th, Mar 18

A burglary is a nightmare for every house or office owner. AMCO Locksmiths is here to share some important steps that one should immediately follow after a break-in to help put things back in order. Getting burgled is an accident and our tips will help you be prepared for the worst.

1. Call the Police:

The most important thing to do is calling the police immediately after the burglary to put the incident on record with the authorities. This is important to make your claim for insurance to retrieve your belongings.

If you are outside the house and realize somebody is inside or must have broken into your house, we suggest that you should call the police from outside only, rather than risking your safety by going inside. Note down the unique crime reference number that the police provides you to share it with your insurance provider.

2. Don’t Touch Anything!

You should not touch anything until the police arrives. Key evidence can be destroyed for the police to prosecute the burglars and retrieve your stolen goods if you touch items or move them.

3. Record all Stolen or Damaged Items and Property

Make a complete list of all property that has been stolen and damaged after the police arrives to present it to your insurers. Include detailed descriptions of your items such as marks and serial numbers to make them unique and easily findable for the police. Also, note down the approximate value of each item.


4. Inform Your Bank:

Call your bank to immediately block or cancel all your credit and debit cards and also to keep a check on any suspicious activity related to your finances. Even if your card is not stolen, the burglar could note down the pin or card number and details to make online purchases.

5. Call Your Insurers

Inform your insurance provider within 24 hours of the burglary incident to submit all necessary information required to process your claims such as the list of stolen items and the unique crime reference number.

6. Secure Your Home

Once police are done with all the investigation, you should install new locks and repair any damage doors and windows to secure your home.

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