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What Should I Do If Someone Stole My Car Keys?

Posted on 23th, Mar 21

Losing your car keys happens to the best of us but having them stolen is something which can be a little more stressful.Although car thefts are less common these days (with a simple hot-wiring of a car just not cutting it anymore), a stolen car key leaves your vehicle vulnerable to being the next in line.

To help you through the process, Amco Locksmith has put together a few tips aboutwhat to do if your car keys have been stolen
Call the Police

Losing your keys is just bad luck but having them stolen suggests the intent to use them on your car.

You should report the incident to the police, which may help you with any insurance claims down the line too.

Make Your Car as Secure & Safe as Possible

Chances are, whoever stole your keys might be walking around the area looking for your car.Depending on where it is, there’s a few things you can do to make it safe:

  • Ask neighbours to block it with their car
  • Put a wheel lock on
  • Open the bonnet and remove plugs or other small hardware to make it unusable
  • If you have a spare set of keys, you should drive your vehicle to a secure place such as your garage or somewhere indoors.

Call Your Emergency Automotive Locksmith

It’s stressful enough getting locked out of your car but knowing that someone might have the intent to steel it simply adds to the worry.

You can take care of everything on the spot by calling your trusted Automotive Locksmith such as Amco Locksmith

They’ll be able to get you back into your car as well do everything from reprogramming it and giving you a new set of keys (such as Transponder Keys), so the stolen pair of keys will no longer work.

With a range of diagnostic equipment, the Emergency Automotive Locksmith will make sure that the stolen keys and their remove locking device will no longer work with your vehicle, so you can sleep soundly knowing that

Report the Incident to Your Car Insurance Company

It’s important you report the incident to your Car Insurance company, as your insurance policy might cover it fully or partially – either way, it’s always good to let them know.

AMCO Locksmith Perth

If you live in Perth and have had your Car Keys stolen, Amco can help solve your situation in a timely manner.

Combining the unrivalled level of workmanship that comes with years of industry experience, and a range of innovative tools and techniques, we are the leading Perth Locksmiths service.

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