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Security Safes for Homes in WA

Posted on 08th, Nov 16

Home safes are a way to protect valuables. The Security Safes offer from thief and fire is necessary for any home with important documents, jewelry, and money. With today’s advancements and diversity in safes, homeowners are offered many affordable options. AMCO Locksmiths offers the following suggestions.

Many models are fireproofed, so even if the home itself burns to the ground, homeowners have documents, jewelry, cash and all other important belongings safe.  A safe is an investment, offering safe storage that is fire resistant, theft resistant, and disaster resistant.

Fire resistance ratings will vary, such as safes offering fire resistance for temperatures up to 1500 °F. The safes are tested in the high fire temperatures to ensure the contents of the safe will remain undamaged for a set amount of time. Benefits of a safe home include:

  • Protection for important belongings from hot temperatures and fire.
  • Protection for important belongings from burglary.
  • Style- Today’s safes provide homeowners with many styles that can fit into the design of the home, or be unrecognizable with styles and mounting systems, as well as features.
  • Storage for insurance policies, passports & birth certificates, a hard drive containing digital copies of important documents, safe deposit box keys, jewelry, important documents, social security cards, a copy of wills, spare keys to vehicles, etc.
  • Safes, such as floor safes offer complete concealment so it is difficult for burglars to find the safe as the safe is flush with the floor and can easily be concealed with matching floor, a rug or carpet.

If you have important documents, belongings, and cash in your home, then a safe is important. Some homeowners neglect the need, thinking the security of their home is adequate, but once a burglary or fire occur, the important documents, belongings, and cash are gone. A safe offers many advantages, including a safeguard against misuse for items like guns and weaponry. For properties that are in high flood risk areas, safes also provide a safeguard against water damage to all contents within the safe.

AMCO Locksmiths offers quality Security Safes that are designed for use in residential properties. We provide property owners with in-home security consultations, providing them with their best options in home safes.

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