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Home Security Tips from Our Locksmith In Perth

Posted on 17th, May 19

When you’re a locksmith, the most embarrassing thing you can experience is a break-in. So, Residential Locksmiths don’t take chances with one thing – security.

Residential Locksmiths Perth

At Perth Locksmiths, we’ve secured our homes plus the homes of thousands of customers in Perth.

The city’s most friendly residential locksmiths, what we’ve done this month is put together a list of tips that you can use to give your home the security you know it deserves.

Safety Tips Locksmith Perth

1.Consider the use of Restricted Key Systems

Restricted key systems are the latest in security – we get a lot of enquiries about what they are, daily. Ultra-modern, restricted key systems are a custom key system that is created by a Master Locksmith especially for your home.

A locking system rather than just a lock, restrictive key system design is intricate, complex and hard – some say impossible – for thieves to open.

Restrictive key systems also offer home-owner’s other benefits.

They can be programmed to offer tenants tiered access to a house. They can also be used to provide commercial businesses with a layer of security that thieves would struggle to bypass.

Duplicate keys used in restrictive key systems can only be re-cut by the Master Locksmith who made them. A Master Locksmith is the only Locksmith you should employ because they are registered with Queensland Police – cooperating with them in any investigation.

They are the most secure residential or commercial security choice you can make. Choose our trust locksmith Perth service.

2.Install deadbolts on doors

Deadbolts are very secure locks that do not use the spring mechanism that ordinary locks use. Thieves can easily open spring locks by sliding an ultrathin blade or sharp object into the lock mechanism to jerk it open.

Deadlocks do not use spring mechanisms – they bolt straight into place – so they are virtually impossible to open without a key. Thieves tend to avoid homes with deadlocks as they are not only hard to open- once they get into the home, they cannot get out without a key – as deadlocks need to be opened from the inside with as key as well.

For this reason, for safety reasons, you always leave your key inserted in the lock from the inside, when you are at home. This allows you to leave your home without an issue in the unlikely event of a fire.

3.While you secure your doors – don’t forget your windows

Windows can be secured with locks – also reinforced glass, metal bars and grills.

Double Hung Locks are modern, stylish and effective. Powder-coated, they blend well with your decor. Simple and stylish, you simply turn the latch to lock or unlock. ANDO Australia makes the best quality Double Hung Locks.

Ordinary glass panes can be easily broken into. To avoid break ins, you may want to replace ordinary glass with reinforced glass. Reinforced glass is chemically bonded so will withstand impact in a way other sheets of glass won’t.

Metal bars and grills when combined with locking systems such as Double Hung Locks offer the best levels of security.

If you live in a neighbourhood with a crime rate that is medium to high, they are the way to go if your goal is to keep your family safe.

4.Secure your garage – it’s where Residential Locksmiths like AMCO find most lapses in security

Garage door security is almost always overlooked by homeowners.

The easiest doors to break into (garages aren’t regularly inspected, so thieves could stay concealed in them for hours – even days), a few simple acts can make your garage more secure.

For a start, never leave electronic garage door openers in your vehicle. It is not very hard to break into a vehicle and steal the door opener. If this happens, you have given open, unfettered access to your home to a thief.

5.Install Sensor Lights to keep your home safe

Sensor lights are a deterrent to thieves (no-one likes being in the limelight for the wrong reasons). If you’re about to go on holiday- sensor lights are a wise idea to install. Residential Locksmiths and commercial locksmith in Perth like AMCO Locksmiths Perth will install them for you for a price that’s affordable.

Even if you aren’t going on holiday, sensor lights offer an additional deterrent to thieves choosing your home to burgle.

AMCO Locksmiths is one of Perth’s leading residential and commercial locksmiths

If you would like us to review your security, please call us on (08) 9444 2089. Alternatively, email your ‘issue’ to us and we’ll call you straight back with a solution.

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