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Why is My Car Key Not Working?

Posted on 08th, Feb 20

Whether you’re about to head home after a long day at work or are about to leave for a get-together with friends, having your car key suddenly not working can come out of nowhere. On top of being a major inconvenience, it can also be highly stressful.

What you need is a reputable and licensed Automotive Locksmith like AMCO who is available 24/7 to give you the help you need. But why is your car key not working? Well, there are several possibilities, and the problem might not even be with your key itself.

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1. You Have a Damaged Key

The most obvious possibility is that your physical key is damaged. Keys can experience wear and damage over time. Most keys have a remote fob which can unlock your car at the push of a button, so a damaged key is usually a problem for more old school keys. With that said, even a damaged key with a working fob may not be able to start the car. Experienced AMCO can repair or replace your damaged Car Key quickly and for a budget-friendly price.

2. Your Car Key’s Fob Is Damaged

On top of the physical key being damaged, another common reason that your car key isn’t working is that the fob is damaged. Perhaps you’ve dropped a few too many times, or the electrical components have just become faulty for no apparent reason. A fob is harder to repair than a key, so your best bet is to choose a trusted Automotive Locksmith like AMCO.

3. Your Fob Has Ran Out of Battery

Your car key’s fobs seem to run on an endless supply of power but eventually, they do run of out battery. We are happy to replace your fob’s battery within minutes. Simply tell us when and where and we’ll be there promptly.

4. Your Car’s Lock Is Damaged or Faulty

Your car key might not be the problem if your door isn’t unlocking. It could be the locking mechanism in your car itself. This isn’t something that you can quickly fix yourself, but luckily you can have the problem solved in very little time and for an agreeable price when you choose a leading Locksmith Business like AMCO.

5. Your Car Key Isn’t Programmed Properly

As you know, modern car key’s fobs are programmed to work with only one car. Occasionally that programming may not be completed, or error so that your vehicle doesn’t link to it. Professional Automotive can reprogram, replace or duplicate your car key’s fob so that the problem is solved in minutes.

6. Your Car’s Ignition Cylinder Is Faulty or Damaged

Your key may unlock your door, but if it’s not starting your car then the ignition cylinder may be faulty or damaged. There are many reasons why this could be, and highly trained Mobile Locksmith will be able to tell you what the issue is and fix it accordingly.

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