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How to Secure Your Home?

Posted on 28th, Nov 17

You need to be extra careful while making a choice for your home security. Once you move into a new house just make sure that you replace all the locks. The previous owners of the house might have made duplicate keys which you might not be aware of. Contact a locksmith in order to make sure that you are the only one who can enter your house without permission. Also, reach out to a Residential Locksmiths in case you lose your keys or need to rekey the locks

Secure Your Home

Do think twice about where to hide your duplicate key for emergency lockout situations. Avoid easy to spot places like under the doormat to hide an extra key. The burglar, thief or any unwanted visitor will search first at the most obvious places like on the top of the door framework and under the doormat in front of your door. So you need to be extra creative and think of a place where no one can find it. For e.g. inside the plant pot next to your door.

You should avoid announcing your upcoming vacations on social media despite the fact that vacations are enjoyable to discuss with people. Updating about your vacations and trips on social media is like sharing the best times for thieves to visit your home and rob it.
Another important step to secure your home from break ins is to never keep your phone or landline on ringing whenever you go for a vacation. A continually ringing telephone bell can give thieves the hint that you are not home.

One of the good points of the security system is setting an alert or alarm during a robbery. This alert is also useful for parents who are always worried about their children sneaking out late at night. Your security system will start to beep if someone tries to open the door.
It is important to speak to other people who live in your neighborhood. Request them to watch out for your home in your absence, and do the same for them. Ask your friends for suggestions before you choose a home security firm because they might have experience and opinions to share.

If you want to upgrade your home security, contact AMCO Locksmith to explore options for your home security. Call us at 08 9444 2089 for emergency locksmith services or send us an email at for any other query.

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