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How much does a locksmith charge to program a key?

Posted on 15th, Jun 19

It depends what kind of key you are talking about. Spare keys for a simple lock like a padlock are cheap to cut and should cost you no more more than $65 – depending on whether your locksmith lives locally or not.

Key Programming & Cutting Perth

If your lock is more complicated – the price you will pay for a set of keys for it will be higher.

Programming Keys Perth

Locks come in all types and sizes

You can get padlocks, deadbolts, cam locks, europrofile cylinders, jimmy proof deadbolts, key in knob cylinder locks and many more different types.

Which lock you use depends on how ‘key’ (pardon the pun) – your need for security is.

The same with your car. Doesn’t exist a unique answer to the question How much cost to reprogram a car key.

Let’s say you’re a family with young kids

Clearly, you will have a need for security that is higher than the need a young single person will have.

You are secure only when every one of your doors and windows are.

Deadlocks the answer

AMCO Australia is a big believer in deadlocks on each and every one of the entrances to your residence – including your garage.

Perth’s leading residential locksmith, we’ve seen umnpteen cases where thieves have gotten into a home because the owners have forgotten top secure their premises with deadlocks.

Deadlocks – for those who aren’t familiar with them – can only be opened from the outside or inside of a home – with a key!

Thieves tend to bypass homes with deadlocks because once they get in they can’t get out without the key – which is not at all easy to duplicate unless you have the master with you.

Insurance companies won’t insure homes without deadlocks on them

If you own your home or you rent it, you’ll need deadlocks in order to get home and contents insurance.

Home and contents insurance means any goods you have in your home- including gold or jewellery – is safe from the prying eyes (and hands) of thieves.

The cost of installing deadlocks depends on how many doors and windows there are in your home. A locksmith Perth will want to inspect your home before they will quote you on fitting it with deadlocks.

Get a quote for deadlocks from AMCO – Perth’s residential locksmith leader

AMCO is as part of Perth as the mining industry is. Experienced in its field, AMCO serves the needs of both residential and commercial locksmith in Perth Services to customers who need security for their homes and businesses.

If you would like to secure your residence, please call us for a ‘No-obligation’ Quote today on 08 9444 2089. We’ll do our best to give you a ball-park quote over the phone itself. If your security need is complicated, we’ll send a man around to your home to have a look- no problem at all!

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