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Basic Door Locks

Posted on 30th, Jan 16

Locks come in different Grades, and each offers its level of security. Locks that are simply a knob or handle lock with a key are less than secure. Burglars can easily foil the lock. It is essential that a higher security lock like a deadbolt be installed to secure your property. Deadbolts should be installed to extend no less than one inch beyond the edge of the door, and constructed from case hardened steel. Consider the following tips when upgrading your locks as it is essential to understand the different types of locks available on the market.
Exterior Entry Lock sets

The design of an exterior entry lock set is one that is of a large, rectangular body and is designed to slide into a mortise. A mortise is constructed to receive the lock mechanism. The design is a cavity that is carved into the edge of the door.

Mortise Locksets

Mortise locksets are designed in a manner that contains the workings for the knob, grip handle or lever, latch and deadbolt in one unit. With the design of this type of locking system, the door knob is interconnected with a deadbolt. To install a mortise lockset, typically a locksmith is required as the installation is one that is tricky.

Cylinder Locksets

A cylinder lockset is designed with a rounded body design that fits into intersecting holes that are bored into a door. You’ll find that the deadbolt boar slides into a corresponding opening in the door jamb. This is the primary source of security in the door.

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Rim Locks

Rim locks, also referred to as surface deadbolts, are deadbolts that are separate from the doorknob. The lock will be one that is installed in the inside of the door. With this type of lock, the bolt fits into a corresponding sleeve that is attached to the interior frame of the door.

Basic Padlocks

A basic padlock, something you’ll often see on gates, is designed to be a portable key operated lock that is constructed of a steel loop that is designed to click into the body of the lock.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

A double cylinder deadbolt is one that is designed to use a key from both the interior and exterior of the home. This type of lock is considered to be one of the safest locks for doors with windows. For the best security, pair a grip handle lock with a deadbolt.

The doors of your home do matter. The best security in a home should always be considered a priority. Burglars are experienced and know what to look for, often leaving a poorly secured home quite vulnerable. Simple steps that ensure the security and safety in your home will help to reduce the risk of intrusions.

Aside from your locking system, many different measures should be taken to help protect your home. Lighting of both the exterior and interior are essential, securing windows and sliding glass doors, properly trimming the outdoor shrubs and trees, as well as ensuring that no mail and papers are delivered while you are away all help prevent burglary.

As a safety precaution, it is highly recommended to contact your local locksmith to discuss your locking and Access Control Systems.

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