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Automotive Key Types: a Glimpse

Posted on 17th, Jul 17

An automobile key is used to lock, unlock and ignite a car. There are many different types of automotive car keys designed for use, including VATS, transponder keys and smart keys.

1. Traditional mechanical-cut automotive keys

These are the most common car key types. The keys are cut using a traditional key cutting machine just like locksmiths make keys for safes and regular home locks. The laser key cutting technique gained popularity during the late 20th century and before that mechanical car key cutting was the only technique used to make Automotive Car Keys.

Since laser cut keys offer more security, mechanical cut keys have become less common on newer automobiles.

2. Laser cut automotive keys

These keys are also known as internal cut or sidewinder keys. Laser cut keys is one of the most advanced automotive key cutting techniques. These keys offer numerous security advantages. The lock cylinders are harder to pick as compared to the traditional automotive key.

Laser cut automotive keys are difficult to duplicate as they are manufactured using expensive and high-tech laser key cutting machines. Most automobile manufacturers use laser cut keys for their automobiles.

3.Transponder Keys

These are car keys that have a computer microchip at the handle to prevent key fraud, enhance security and are also used for ignition as well. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, Transponder Keys can be either mechanical cut or laser cut.

4.Smart Keys

Computerized microchips and sensors are used to open and start a car without using a key. All that is required is to have these keys in person in close proximity and your car will unlock and also start.

5.Vehicle Anti-Theft System(VATS) Keys:

These keys are mechanically cut with a black resistor on the blade having, one of the 15 possible values for added security. There is no computer technology on VATS keys and you should not confuse the resistors for a computer chip.
6.Valet Keys:
These car keys are modified slightly to enable the driver to operate ignition and door locks but not allow to open locked glove boxes and trunks. They are issued together with a smart key or transponder key.

An automotive locksmith can make a new car key or duplicate a spare key for you in much less prices as compared to a car dealership. If you are in Perth and looking for an automotive locksmith to come out to your car rather than having your car towed to the dealership to unlock your car or if you need to get a new key made then AMCO LOCKSMITH is your perfect choice. We take less time to make a new car key and come to your location anywhere in Perth to save you the hassle and time of waiting around at a car dealership.

Call us at 08 9444 2089 for more details.

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