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What Should You Know Before Hiring A Commercial Locksmith

Posted on 19th, Feb 16

Businesses don’t often think much about a locksmith before they hire one. Unlike homeowners, they have the luxury of always being in a group, giving them a sense of security. However, this sense of security often leads to several issues. Lack of proper checking when you hire a commercial locksmith can result in different problems in the future for you and your employees. What should you, as a businessperson, know before you hire a commercial locksmith in Perth?

Expert Commercial Locksmith

That, my dear, seems to be the question of the hour. In today’s blog post we will touch on some of the aspects that you should look at before hiring the services of a locksmith. Remember, this may look like an unnecessary pain right now, the few minutes that you invest in knowing about how to choose the right commercial locksmith will save you from a lot of stress later on.


Unlike homeowners, businesses often need different and more technical kind of locksmith services. From storage locks to top of the industry locks, your locksmiths should be experienced to handle every kind of job that may come their way. Remember, just by pasting “4 years of experience” doesn’t make anyone an expert. Confirm that the locksmith, a company is sending to you is actually qualified and experienced in dealing with commercial locksmith services.

Type of service:

A common mistake that business owners tend to commit is overlooking the services that a locksmith business is offering. While several companies offer commercial locksmith services, not all services are offered by everyone. You might be looking for access control and the company may only be dealing with commercial locks. Make sure that the selected company is offering the type of service that you need.

Insured team:

Anyone that your locksmith company sends to your office or factory is legally required to be certified and insured. Make it a routine to ask for their license and policy number, as you wouldn’t want to be covering for any accident that may occur during the job.

Hours available:

And finally, as we keep saying hire someone who offers 24/7 emergency services in Perth, as you never know when you would require the services of a locksmith. This may seem like a service that you don’t need at the moment, but you never know when an emergency situation occurs. At that time, you will want to have a certified and qualified locksmith that you can depend on during the emergency situations.

For commercial clients, AMCO Locksmiths are on call for a rapid response to emergency calls for lockouts, rekeys and other emergency locksmith issues. Providing a full range of commercial locksmith services in Perth, we can be reached at 08 9444 2089 for more details.

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