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What Kind of Safe Is Best Suited For You?

Posted on 14th, Jun 17

Safes are a requirement towards keeping your valuables secure. Safes provide you with security and peace of mind. But which safe is the best one according to your needs? The number of options provided seems to be overwhelming to the average person. The best approach is to contact a professional locksmith company. This is what they deal with and are experienced in. Therefore, they are best suited to handle this problem for you.

If you would like to learn about the options and varieties available, below are a few to help you out.

1. Fire Resistant Safes

This is the option for you if you want to protect your valuable documents that would be of no use to a burglar. Some documents to consider are automobile titles or your will. This kind of a safe is not very secure but their selling point is that they are fire resistant. They are also a good option for those on a budget. They will protect your valuable papers in case of a house fire.

However, keep in mind they are limited to approximately one hour, since they are only fire resistant, not fireproof. These kinds of safes are not bolted to anything. They can be taken away and opened elsewhere. Keeping that in a mind, a good idea may be to keep your safe unlocked. This way, in case of a robbery, the safe will not be taken from its place.

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2. Burglary Safes

This is more secure than a fire resistant safe. They are made of steel and therefore weigh more and are heavier. Burglary safes are also concealed in some way or another. The three main types of this safe are stand-alone safe, wall safe, and floor safe. Another plus point is that most of these safes are fire proof, not just fire resistant. However, it is always recommended to check the fire rating before purchasing.

3. Gun Safes

These come in a variety of sizes, security strength, fire resistance and price ranges. If you own a gun, this type of safe is a necessity. It keeps your weapons out of range of children. If you own a valuable collection, consider the risks of both theft and fire. Ensure you talk to your locksmith about fire resistant safe models and their fireproof ratings. The size of your collection will also factor into your decision.

4. Jewellery Safes

Turn towards jewellery safes to protect your jewels and other small valuables. These kinds of safes are fairly expensive. However, in the case of precious jewels, the expense is justified. Usually, they are made of heavy duty steel and the interior consists of wood or velvet. If you have a large collection, look for drawer layouts. These can accommodate your collection even as it grows throughout the years. Have the safe access control installed in a well-hidden place. Organize your valuables so as to spot any misplaced item.

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