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What Are The Best Garage Door Locks?

Posted on 18th, Nov 15

The garage in the home needs to be secured just as any other entry way in a property.  Unfortunately, they are an entryway that many property owners overlook.  If you are one of those homeowners that aren’t quite sure how secure your security locking system on your garage door happens to be, then AMCO Locksmiths has the following information for you.

Firstly, garage door locks need to be high security locking systems. Consider the top choices in a locking system for your garage door.

1. Electronically Operated Locks

Electronically operated locks are advanced security implementing all the advantages of modern technology.  Electronic locks open with fingerprints rather than keys.  Each of the locks can record a number of fingerprints, allowing each individual in the property access.   This is a top of the line security system, but one that is also quite expensive.

Keyless Digital Lock

2. Keyless Digital Locks

With a keyless digital locks, property owners have the advantage of tossing their keys to the side.  The locking system is operated with a keypad into which the correct digital code must be entered.  Thieves do not have the advantage of picking or “jimmying” the lock, as most are mechanical locks, making the security level high.

3. Garage Door Deadbolts

Garage deadbolt locks are a good choice in a security locking device and available as both cylinder and double cylinder.  With a single cylinder, the property owner will have a key that operates from the outside of the garage, and a knob from the inside of the garage.  With a double cylinder deadbolt, a key is used on both the inside and outside of the garage door.

 4. T-Handle Locks

A T-handle lock is often the choice in a lock for garage doors made of metal. T-handle locks are also operated with keys, but the keys are unique in their shape, making them quite difficult to duplicate. This makes the lock one that is more difficult for a burglar to pick.

5. Side Mounted Bolt

The garage door side mounted bolt locking system utilise the door track as their mounting device. The lock is one that cannot be accessed from the outside of the door.  The door bolt is one that is relatively inexpensive and one that is simple in design, but effective as a security locking system.

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