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Control freak? We Got Just the Security System you need

Posted on 20th, Sep 18

Let’s face it, if you own a business, you want to control it, not just own it. That’s been harder said than done – until now.

Control access to your office

An access control system allows you to decide ‘who goes where’ not just ‘who goes there’ as far as your office is concerned!

It allows you to give access to all areas to managers and executives and only some areas of access to visitors, contractors or other staff.

Locksmiths Security Systems Perth

AMCO Locksmiths Perth have gone electronic

And while we continue to service those with traditional lock and key facilities, we are also engaged in installing electronic security systems for companies who require more sophisticated security that discriminates access between staff, partners, vendors or even clients.

A network is in charge

Access Control Systems are operated via a computer or a panel of them. At any time, if a card member’s position with a company changes, their access to company property can be revoked at the touch of a button.

As a business owner, you don’t control many things, you do control the access people have top your business premises, however.

Security is a system

Gone are the days when a commercial establishment or business could have traditional locks and keys, number them and then and consider its premises safe.

Today, a business must look at security as a system – they must have standard locks, keys, access control panels, electronic key cards if possible, monitoring systems, alarms and patrols.

Business equipment and data are expensive

Insurance doesn’t cover all theft. Insurance companies will try and wriggle out of any situation, generally. So, it’s important for a business to know its risk when it comes to security and covers it.

Why ‘break in’ when you can breakthrough?
At Locksmiths Perth the security solutions offer avoid break-ins because they are breakthrough.

We can programme safes and vaults to ‘lock up’ or seize up’ if force is used to try and open them.

It’s just another way we are taking our business, as you are taking yours – into the 21st century!

What we love to be shown most – the door!
Show us the door and we’ll show you how we can secure it.

Committed to excellence, when it comes to product, service and delivery, we bring 15 years of experience to the table, a reputation second to none, pride, excellence and a ‘can do’ attitude few others can match.

If you have a business need, please call us now on 08 9444 2089 .

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