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Types of Door Locks in Perth

Posted on 02th, May 17

There is a variety of different door locks available in the market today, such as door knob locks, deadbolts and keyless locks. According to your door type and your security needs, there is always a type of lock that will suit it perfectly.
Before you start investing in your home or office security, take a few minutes to learn the types of locks that are available in the market. AMCO Locksmiths presents an informative look at several door lock options.

1. Door Handle Locks

Door handle locks are the least secured of all. It works by preventing the handle from rotating. This type of lock is usually used on bathroom doors. It is simply a lock contained within the handle of a door of any inside entryways. It is very easy to break but does the job of securing the door of a non-important door.

2. Deadbolts

Deadbolts provide sufficient security for doors leading outside when properly installed. Deadbolts consist of a solid metal cylinder that projects through the door jam and into the wall to completely secure the door. Deadbolts add a second level of protection to door handle locks. For most residential homes, deadbolts require a key to lock them from the outside.

3. Keyless Locks

Keyless locks typically employ a deadbolt. Keyless locks work just like their name suggests – without keys. The door is locked and unlocked without any key by just using a code that is entered into a keypad. This adds yet an extra level of security. This kind of lock is often found where heightened security is a necessity like in commercial buildings and other places. Keyless locks can be found in both the building doors and car doors.

4. Electric Locks

Electric lock devices work similar to other locks. The only difference is they are not manually applied. The mechanism to lock and unlock doors runs through electronics. They have an option to be opened with either a key or through a code on a keypad.

5. Combination Locks

A combination lock is similar to a keyless entry. The keypad functions through a push button mechanism. The keypad on combination lock triggers the movement of a deadbolt mechanically rather than a digital or electronic coding device.
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The many different kinds of door locks correspond to different doors found in buildings and cars to add an extra security at some locations. There is a door lock for every security situation, need and preference – from simple locks found inside the home to extremely high tech electric locking systems found in sensitive areas.

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