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Top Security Tips for Your Car

Posted on 30th, Mar 17

Your car is likely to be one of the most expensive investments that you will make. It is highly important to keep your vehicle secured from theft and vandalism in the same manner as your other belongings. There are few security measures that can be easily taken to help prevent you becoming a victim of car theft.

Lock the doors

The first thing you should always do is lock your car. This is the easiest thing to do but surprisingly many people forget to do so. An intruder would always look for an unlocked car as that would be the easiest opportunity.

Secure parking

It is advisable to park your car in the driveway or garage when at home. While you are out, you should always park it with the crowd rather than a back area. Try to park it with an attendant or beneath the CCTV camera to keep is safe and sound.

Take your keys with you

Never leave your car keys in the ignition, at a hidden place or in the car. This would make any theft more vulnerable and eye catching. There are scenarios that car owners either lose their car keys or face the situation of a stolen key.

In this case, Perth AMCO Auto Locksmiths are your best friends, as we can open the vehicle without any damage and also change the key locks on the spot. We also make duplicate keys for you to hand over them to a trustworthy friend or neighbor.

Vehicle alarm

Car alarms alert you to the fact that some peculiar activity is taking place and someone is meddling with your car. Although, this cannot physically stop a car from being stolen but a thief would think twice before touching such a car that would get everyone’s attention if the alarm gets on.

Car immobilizer

An immobilizer will prevent the car from being started by someone who does not have the proper key. It will not stop the car from being broken into but it will stop it from being stolen.

Car tracking system

GPS and VHF systems enable the car to be tracked and recovered. This would require a transmitter to be hidden in your car.

Transponder keys

These keys are a recent development in the field of safety of your car. The probability of car theft is minimised to a great extent as the keys are configured with a special set of unique codes. They automatically get connected with the car’s security device when inserted in the ignition of the car. Perth AMCO Auto Locksmiths can program transponder keys for several makes and models of vehicles.

Highly trained technicians at Perth AMCO Auto Locksmiths provide several services, including:

  • Lost Car Key Replacement
  • Lockouts
  • Car key fixes, duplicates, and replacements
  • Ignition replacement
  • Broken key extractions
  • Open truck
  • Switchblade key cut
  • Transponder key Replacements and duplicates and chip programming

Based in Perth, contact Perth AMCO Locksmiths today at 0427 580 823 for all your car security needs, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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