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The Benefits of Keyless Locking Systems in Perth

Posted on 18th, Aug 16

Traditional locks are still used and are still a great security feature to have in place. However, in some cases keyless locking systems can boost your security measures. Which one is right for your property will depend on a number of factors. To find out if you could benefit from digital locks contact AMCO Locksmiths in Perth. Here are the benefits of keyless locking systems.

No More Losing Keys

Every time you lose a key, you have to worry about getting back inside, Replacing the Keys and in some cases having the locks rekeyed. Using a Digital Locking System removes the need for this. Upgrading to keyless locking systems gets you into your property with the push of a few buttons. You might forget your codes and fingerprint systems are ideals as you can lose these. It makes gaining access to your property easy for you and harder for burglars.


The amount of time you waste looking for your keys can be better spent doing other things. Keys have a habit to make it to the bottom of your bag and whilst it may only take a minute or so to retrieve them, this time adds up. It’s far more convenient to gain access by pressing a few buttons.  You can choose any combination to make it easy for you, however, hard for potential intruders. If you are ever concerned that others have the code you can change it to offer you protection. For even greater security, look into biometric fingerprint technology. It’s been on the market for a while and stores the fingerprints of anyone permitted to gain access. This takes away any reservations you may have about using codes.

Keyless Locking Systems


You have the added benefit of having alarms working in combination with the keyless locking systems. If an incorrect code is entered more than a certain number of times then an alarm could be triggered. This will deter burglars that are unlikely to enter the correct code the first time. Alarms draw attention which is something an intruder doesn’t want. Keyless locking systems can even be set up to be operated remotely ensuring optimum security at all times.

There are benefits of both keyless and traditional locking systems. To find out what would be best for your property contact AMCO Locksmiths who can offer their expertise in this area. The advantages of going keyless include the convenience of not having to use a key. You also don’t have to worry about losing keys and you can set it up to access remotely and work in conjunction with alarms to provide a greater deterrent for burglars.

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