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Installing Locks in Perth

Posted on 02th, Aug 17

With our commitment as a locksmith, no matter what security system you necessitate, at AMCO Locksmiths, we are committed to providing acute and professional solutions. Choosing the right lock is the predominant process that requires some time and expertise; you can always ask our qualified technicians for advice on the best suitable lock for your need.

Lock Installation in Perth

The process of installing lock is not a very long one but the time may vary depending on certain factors. Notably, it depends upon the material of the door on which the lock has to be installed. We can install a variety of locks; Automotive Locks, door locks, screen door locks, window locks, garage locks, gate locks and more. We also do installations of home security system and implementation of master key schemes. Our Commercial Locksmith services include anything from a simple lock, to panic bars, to a security system with digital keypads, alarms, and surveillance. We make it our responsibility to make you feel secure in your surroundings all the while adhering to various building regulations and standards in the context of commercial aspects.

Further, time may also vary depending on whether or not the lock is being newly installed or replaced. If the lock is being replaced then the holes required for the new lock might have already been drilled, saving us a substantial amount of time. If it is being newly installed, then it will take our locksmiths longer time to install the lock as they have to drill the necessary holes. We make it our responsibility to customise your protection specifically adhering to your needs.

Also, the time may vary on the basis of the preference of the user in regards to the type of lock they want to install. Some might want to install a simple knob latch bolt lock while others might opt for home security systems. The process also varies on the basis of locks provided for Commercial Locksmith and Residential use.

What happens if there’s a broken lock?

Locks are not of any use to you if they are broken. In case if you have any lock that is broken, we can either repair the lock or we can replace it. Moreover, we can also provide new replacement keys for the new lock for your ease and comfort. We can also provide a number of duplicate keys that you can hand out to your employees if the context of commercial use.

One of the primal concern of our users is whether installing a new lock will damage the door. If your new lock installation is done by a professional, then there will be no damage caused. Fortunately, and we take great pride in saying that, our employees are all certified with a four-year apprenticeship in Locksmith, as well as holding a security license and a Blue card. Owing to the fact that this is a new installation of a lock, our locksmiths will drill the required holes but that should not, in any case, cause damage to your door.

We are committed to providing the best protection that you can get, adhering to your building policies or privacy at home. With 15 years of experience, you can be confident in our hands that our services are incomparable. Please be ensured that the services we provide are reliable, professional and efficient. At AMCO Locksmiths, our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers. We take your security very seriously and it is our responsibility to make sure that you feel safe and protected in your premises and vicinity. We provide the best security systems tailored to your needs.

If you require our services and seek a consultation, call us now on 08 9444 2089 to get in touch.

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