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How to Prevent Break-Ins In Perth

Posted on 25th, Aug 15

Home security is a priority. While not all homeowners can afford a sophisticate security system, AMCO Locksmiths Perth offers the following tips that will help to deter a burglar, keeping you, your household members and your belongings Safe.

  1. Adopt a Dog. The bark of a dog will scare intruders off. Dogs are typically territorial, especially over those they love. A dog in the home that barks at the sign of unwelcomed company is a great asset to a homeowner.
  2. Lock your doors and windows. While this may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many people leave their windows and doors unlocked when they are home, and how many don’t do a walkthrough of the home prior to leaving the home to ensure that all doors and windows are locked.
  3. Your landscaping counts. Do not allow your bushes, trees and shrubs to overgrow around structures like the doors and windows of the home, creating a safe hiding spot for a burglar to have a shelter when breaking into the home.
  4. Your valuables. Don’t place expensive artwork, etc. in front of windows that offer visibility to the items from the street. If you cannot find another place in the home, then close the blinds so that the expensive items are not visible from the street.
  5. Deadbolts. Your front and back door to the home, as well as any access doors, such as your door from the garage into the home, should be without a deadbolt as a deadbolt is the ultimate locking system.Perth Locksmith
  6.  Your patio doors. Patio doors are most often vulnerable doors as they are made of glass and often easy to remove from the track. Speak to your local locksmith to discuss upgrading your Locking System on your patio doors.
  7. Your social media. While it is great to chat with your friends over Facebook and other social media sites, don’t announce when you’ll be coming and going, such as “Susie has a ball game on Saturday, do you want to come?” You will be leaving yourself open for catastrophe.
  8. Your lighting. Outside lighting is essential. Add lights to any dark areas, as well as motion lights that will save on the cost of your energy bills, as well as scare intruders when they try to enter the area. Some motion lights also have alarms that sound.
  9. Timers. Set the television, radio and lights to go on and off at different times of the day. This will give the impression that someone is in the home.
  10. When away from the home. When away from the home, close the blinds.

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