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How Digital Lock Installation Works?

Posted on 13th, Dec 18

The Locksmith’s Pick: The Top 3 Digital Locks Money Can Buy in Australia

Let’s face it, Digital Locks have taken Australia by storm. What Digital Locks have been feeding, besides our fetish for technology, is a desire for security which is today at a level, even experts could never have predicted. Digital Lock Installation is one of the most sought-after services by resident and commercial property owners.

As Perth’s Leading Locksmith (we’ve been serving the City and its surrounding suburbs for over a decade), we know Digital Locks given we’ve been installing them since 2012.

Which are the Top 3 Digital Locks Money can Buy in Australia Today?

Here is The Locksmith’s Pick:

1. Locker-bye-baby- The Lockwood 001 Touch Digital Code Lock

Lockwood is the Australian Locking Industry’s leading brand. The company makes a huge range of products that include Secure Connect Locks, Hinged Door Locks, Keyless Entry Locks, Mortice Locks, Panic Exit Systems and other Door Security Systems.

Digital Door Lock Installation Perth

Why is the Lockwood 001 the Locksmith’s Pick?

The Lockwood 001 is The Locksmith’s Pick at AMCO because it is easy to install, code and use. The lock operates using a 4-12 digital character code which you can reset at regular intervals to ensure your home or business is always secure. It is also equipped with RFID tags which you can use a security device.

What are RFID tags?

Priced at $398 (plus installation charges), it is a budget-friendly option for those looking for digital locks in competitive price points.

2. Tennis anyone? The Borg 2000SC Mechanical Digital Code Lock

Borg is a UK based company which exports many of its products to Australia.

AMCO Locks recommends the Borg 2000SC Mechanical Digital Code Lock for ‘buyers on a budget.’ What’s different about this lock compared to the Lockwood 001? The Borg 2000SC has 800 programmable codes which you must stick to. It does not include RFID tags.

AMCO Locks recommends Borg because of its affordable price. Installation price is extra.

3. A Quiet Performer. The Lockly Secure Plus

‘Lockly’ is an American company that designs and manufactures innovative locksmithing products like the Lockly Secure Plus Digital Door Lock system.

AMCO recommends the Lockly Secure Plus Digital Lock as does PC Mag Australia because it is a quiet performer that comes equipped with keyless entry, fingerprint scanner, Genie anti-theft technology plus is easy to use and install.

For Digital Lock Installation or guidance on the right digital lock to suit your requirements, please don’t hesitate to call us at 08 9444 2089.

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