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Here’s how not to lose your car keys?

Posted on 09th, Aug 17

Losing car keys is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. It has the power of instantly bring the quality of your day down. If you were supposed to be going somewhere but locked yourself out of your own car – nothing can be more annoying.

Sounds so silly, but it happens to the best of us. One moment you’re distracted, maybe you’re talking on the phone while getting out of the car and absent-mindedly locked the keys inside. And just when you notice what you have done, it’s probably too late!

But like every other problem, losing car keys can be avoided as well. All you need to do is develop a few habits to get yourself organised and stick to what you have decided. Here are a few ways we think can help you not lose your car keys:

Use Sticky Notes if You’re Too Busy

It’s not uncommon for people with hectic daily routines to forget small things like wallets, keys or even cell phones. If you are one of those people, one way you can avoid losing your keys is by using sticky notes as reminders. Place them at places you commonly visit in your office, at home or even inside the car to remind you not to leave them in the ignition. This way you can make it a habit and avoid losing car keys.

Hang or Place Your Car Keys in the Same Place

Make a habit of hanging your car keys on a key-hook or place them at the same place in your home and workplace every day. If you make a habit of putting them in the same place every day, your mind will automatically adapt and that’s the first place you’ll go looking for them if you forget where they are.

Spare Keys

With technological advantages, spare automotive keys are made by automotive locksmiths. These are cheaper than what you pay for spare keys at the dealership, and professional automotive locksmiths like AMCO never compromise on the quality. They even offer to make duplicate transponder keys if your vehicle has those.

Checklist when inside a car

When you have parked, make a small checklist – have you turned the lights off, have you turned the heater/ac off, have you taken the keys out? Boom! Create a list of 3 or 4 checks and make it a habit of repeating these steps every day until they become an unavoidable routine for you.

These solutions are not permanent and you might still end up making the mistake of locking yourself out of your cars. But they sure bring the probability of that happening down by a few chances. If you ever find yourself locked out of your car, though, call AMCO Automotive Perth and our emergency team with reach your location as soon as possible to help you get your car open.

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