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Everything You Need to Know About Apartment Keys

Posted on 14th, Oct 21

Losing your Apartment Keys can put you in a tricky situation. As a tenant or a house owner (while taking possession), the moment when apartment keys are handed over to you fills you with an ecstatic feeling.

everything need know apartment keys

There are different Types of Apartment Keys used to open the front door to your new house and give you accessibility to some necessary amenities and wonderful memories. Let us tell you a bit more about apartment keys, along with a few guidelines for new renters.

Different Types of Apartment Keys

Metal Keys: The primary keys, which are still majorly used in residential buildings. These keys have unique cuts that can only be used in a lock with the same mechanism.

Uses: Opening Front door and mailboxes

Key Fob: Several communities have switched to Key fobs instead of the traditional metal ones. Residential key fobs are convenient, tiny, and fit well on each ring. All key fobs have a built-in identification code that is unique. A critical mechanism reads the key fob, and then the authorized person can access it.

Uses: Opening front doors, parking garage, amenity access, gate access, mailroom, and elevators

Key Card: Compact, wallet-sized plastic cards that provide tap-n-go access to any commercial building or residence. A key card consists of a unique magnetic code that unlocks the door.

Uses: Building or lobby entry, parking garages, mailroom, main-gate access, amenity access, and more. Cards are majorly used in the hospitality business (hotels) too.

Keyless entry: The keyless entry system is another modern unlocking mechanism that allows owners to enter their property via phone or a keypad. These smart locking devices are generally found in modernized apartment communities.

Uses: Opening front doors, mailrooms, and community access.

What to do during a Lost Keys scenario?

When you misplace your keys, the first thing to do is DO NOT PANIC. If you discover that your apartment keys are lost, stolen, damaged, or beyond your recognition, the foremost thing to do is inform your landlord immediately.

They should provide you with a spare key in the meantime and work towards getting the locks changed or get updated keys for you.

One must not copy the keys that have ‘do not replicate’ engraved in them in any Damaged Key situation. If you do so, you will violate your lease agreement.

You must read your lease agreement to know the actual cost of your Lost Keys’ replacement.

Smart Apartment keys – Advantages

Installing a small lock system, or Smart Keys, in your apartment gives you a sense of modernization and improved safety. You will never have to panic about losing or ruining your key. Some more advantages of having a smart key are:

  1. No two renters will have the same one.
  2. You can quickly deactivate the keys if any unexpected issue comes up.
  3. Very convenient and instantly programmable.

Key guidelines for all renters

Once the Apartment Keys are given to you, there are specific community rules that you must take care of. Have a look at them:

– Keep a copy handy: You should keep a spare key if you ever lose the original. But before copying the original one, check your lease to make sure you’re allowed to do so.

– Hand over your extra keys only to the trusted people: Give your extra keys to any of your relatives or a dear friend who lives relatively close to you.

– Return all your Apartment Keys on move-out day: Make sure you hand over every key to your landlord on moving day. These include your apartment key fob, your gate access, and your mailbox.

– Hide your extra keys in a safe place: While it is handy to keep your spare key under your doormat or in one of those key rocks, it is not the wisest decision.

– Turn your keys in on time: Not before, not late. Hand it over to the landlord only when you’ve taken all your assets out of the apartment.

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