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Complete Guide Broken Keys

Posted on 30th, Aug 21

Broken keys are a common and well-known occurrence. If you are running late, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken key. You may require a Car Key Replacement or a Locksmith in Perth during such moments of uncertainty, who can reach you within minutes and save your day.

complete guide broken keys

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Have a look at our table of content below and click on your questions.

What Causes a Key To Break?

If your keys are getting broken regularly, you can comfort yourself knowing that you are not the only one. Emergency Locksmiths In Perth receive a call at least once a day because of a broken key. Before we determine what you should do in such a situation, you may want to understand why keys break. This way, you will learn how to prevent them from occurring again in the future.

1. Lack of Lubrication

Dryness and rustiness are not reasonable indications of a key in healthy shape. Proper lubrication will put less stress on the keys, especially when you insert them into the keyhole. Putting more strength will only increase the chances of breaking the key.

Use a lubricant spray, coat the key with the product but do so carefully. Before spraying, make sure that the key is clean or washed by soaking it in water first. Wipe it afterward and spray the product.

2. Improper Use

Do you feel guilty about using your keys as a can opener? Perhaps you also cut the plastic packaging with your keys. At the same time, some people assume that their keys are a multipurpose tool collection, but unfortunately, they are not.

Keys are made to unlock and lock your door. Some people put the key into the hole and pull the door towards them; This practice will shortly lead to a broken key.

3. Incompatibility

Many times people try to put a key into the keyhole without looking. If you think you are saving time, you may be wrong. You will end up repeating the process multiple times, although you will need to look this time.

It is time to stop mismanaging keys in your bag or pocket and reaching for the wrong key. You can save extra time and effort by ensuring you have the right key in the first place. Then, slowly but securely turn the lock.

If next time it does not turn, do not apply force on it. Inspect and ensure you have the correct key in your hand.

4. Old Key

Your old keys have an expiration date. It may not be explicitly stated, but it can get weaker over time. Their durability is not for life, mainly if you do not take care of and use them properly.

If your keys are old and rusty, it is time to get a replacement. There are few signs to look out for are cracking and other types of damage. A locksmith will guide you in getting a new key, so you cannot install new locks.

Can a Locksmith Fix a Broken Key?

Besides these problems with locks and keys, you may find the keys failing to get correctly inserted into the locks. If it is your situation, you may want to guarantee the correct keys for the gate lock. Many locksmiths undergo calls from the house complaining about their keys not operating. They later discover that they are using the wrong keys to open their door.

If you call a locksmith over and you have this issue frequently, you can ask for opinions on how to organise your keys. Sometimes, it is not your liability. If it is a brand new key, it may be inaccurately cut. It is why you should only trust authentic and credible locksmiths when it comes to cutting new keys, like with Amco Locksmiths, which is one of the Best Locksmith In Perth.

If you require new keys cut, you should come to us, a trustworthy locksmith in Perth. Avoid those that offer low prices so that you can save money. Cutting keys does not have to take a long time. Standard or more miniature keys only take a few seconds to a minute to cut.

If you have much larger keys than standard keys, it can take a few minutes. Machines are required to cut the keys, and it can be challenging to find the correct blank. Safe keys take longer, regularly about 30 minutes.

How To Fix a Snapped Car Key?

You can fix a key that has snapped into the combustion; the best solution is to have a car key replacement in Perth. Even when you get the old car key back, you should not connect the pieces. The replacement will let you experience better and more secure keying through a transponder key programming service.

If you already know about taking the key out of the vehicle combustion, you can smoothly pull the key out while shaking the steering wheel backward and forward. This arrangement will operate only if the key did not break in the ignition and is now stuck. You can use a dry lube in the combustion to get rid of the tightness of the key. You can also use a dental pick that will help free the key.

How To Fix Broken Car Key Repair Problems in Perth?

We suggest you get your new key to turn your car locks before breaking open your old key. You have two choices.

  • Get the new blade cut
  • Swap the blade to take your new one

(a) Can I get my car key blade cut?

Taking your keys out can be tricky; many key cases are sold online, and the negative feedback states that none will cut the key blade, which is frustrating. Contact a good Locksmith like Amco Locksmiths in Perth. We will only charge you ones, covering all the wear and tear to the machine and cutter blade, plus a bit of electricity to keep the lights on.

(b)Swap the key blade over

It depends on whether your old original blade will fit into the replacement case that you purchase. In general, the keys we sell swap over with just a tiny modification to the original key edge. However, the Hyundai, Kia, Skoda, or some automobile brand’s case need more intense work with a needle file before the old blade can be used in the new issue.

For some, this is a straightforward job because you’re used to using small hand tools. However, if you’re not happy about this, it’s understandable, and you are better off getting the blade cut.

How To Fix My Broken Car Key in Perth?

  1. Get the latest case turning the locks
  2. Open the old broken key
  3. Carefully swap the electronics
  4. Fit a fresh battery
  5. Job Finished

Key Broke in Lock, What To Do?

If you ever faced a situation where your key broke down in the lock, and you don’t know what to do, contact us. We provide 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Perth-wide. If a key sticks out of your door lock:

If you own an old brass key, it can easily break even when it is not cold. Such material is not durable as compared to nickel-silver, especially under pressure. However, it does not mean that new keys do not break.

You can find yourself with just the key handle after putting it into the lock with continuous use. In such a situation, you can use electrical pliers.

They have strong jaws that are small and compatible enough to apply the grip required to pull the key out of the lock. However, if you do not have these tools, it is best to wait for the locksmith. We will reach your premises within minutes.

How To Repair a Broken Key?

The best way to repair your broken key is firstly by understanding what to do during such crucial times. What measures should you take before the arrival of a locksmith? When the key is stuck inside the lock or when the door is tightened and not opening, the following are actions you can take:

What To Do When The Key is Completely Inside the Lock?

  1. When your key is snapped into two, and the other piece is inside the lock. There is nothing you can do to hold the broken part, so you cannot use the tools as mentioned earlier. You can use a screwdriver and a steel wire to push and remove the key in such a case.
  2. If you do not have a wire at that moment, you can get a metal paper clip and straighten it. You can get a lubricant and squirt it into the lock, which will make the next steps more manageable. You need to unscrew the door lock, including its decorative plate. When they are out of the door, you can then access the rear of the barrel. You can use the wire or paper clip by sliding it into the end of the cylinder. Finally, you will be able to push the key out.
  3. >This method will work smoothly if the cylinder is not hard to dismantle. If this does not let you access the barrel from the back, you cannot accomplish this task.

What To Do When The Door is Stuck?

There are chances that your door is stuck because of the heat or humidity. You can use the following points to work on it:

  1. If you cannot open the lock, a sign of this is if the lock works, but the door is stuck because of the extreme hot or humid weather. Usually, doors swell with winter humidity and shrink with hot summers. This movement in the doors usually moves the hook away from the punch hole in your frame because the lock may not close.
  2. Often the best to enter is by pulling the door toward the hinge side or lifting the door. The best solution is usually to file out the strike hole to allow for this movement.

Has Your Lock Been Tampered?

Following are the few reasons stating the reason that causes your locks to have been tampered with:

  1. If the break-in trial was unsuccessful, you are safe for now. It is a sign that you should up your defense by changing the locks and keys. This time, go for safety measures that criminals cannot easily break.
  2. If you have doubts about lock tampering, look for the clues. Here are few ways to tell that someone messed with your locks:
  • Something is smashed, broken, or deformed, such as a door frame or lock.
  • There is unusual damage in your lock that shows twisted metal, splintered wood, or other clues someone applied crude force on the gate. It may be possible that someone tried to bash in the lock or drill through your deadbolt.
  • You see fresh cuts all over the keyhole, which implies that another key was entered there forcefully.
  • There are tiny cut marks from another piece of metal fitted in the keyhole. It is typical evidence of lock picking.
  • Suppose your lock does not function properly all of a sudden. It might mean someone attempted to break in. It would be best if you never hesitated when it comes to your security. Change your locks and keys right away!

How To Get Your Broken Keys Out Of Locks?

There are chances that a key can get stuck because of dry and worn-out cylinders in your door locks.

  1. Both your locks and keys can get worn over time. After all, you use all these pieces daily, which quickens their wearing.
  2. Keys and locks are designed to work adequately. You can have them repaired and maintained regularly. However, it eventually gets old, losing its efficiency. If not renewed, they can become a security threat to your residence.
  3. Worn-out keys will make it difficult for you to unlock your apartment. Meanwhile, those who have ill intentions to your property will be able to open your old malfunctioned or rusty locks easily.
  4. Keys might get stuck because of the rusty door locks. To avoid such a situation, you need to replace your old lock or keys as soon as possible.

If a key got stuck, it could lead to breakage. It usually happens in the winter when the locks are frozen or cold, and you struggle to remove your keys. The last thing you would like to do is leave your keys in the keyhole. To receive a car key replacement, 24/7 accessible locksmith assistance, and Emergency Locksmith service, call us at 08 9444 2089 or fill the website form to get a free quote.

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