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Top 5 Emergency Situations When You Must Change Your Locks ASAP

Posted on 07th, Dec 19

If you are someone concerned about the security of your house or workplace (as you should be) then you must also be aware of the fact that there are certain situations and circumstances in which it becomes absolutely necessary that your locks be changed by a commercial Locksmiths in Perth.

Top 5 Situations When You Must Replace Your Locks -According to Amco Locksmiths Perth

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1 . You move into a new house
When you move into a new house, you can never be sure if the previous owner can be trusted as he definitely will have the keys to all the locks. Even if they are handed over to you, what if copies of them have been made? Thus, it is only wise to have the locks replaced.

2 . Your tenant moves out
Being a landlord, the responsibility of the safety of your tenants falls on your shoulders. Hence, if a previous tenant moves out (even if the keys have been returned to you) you must have the locks replaced for the new tenant. There is always a chance of the keys having been duplicated.

3 . House remodelling
After your house has been renovated successfully, change the locks. You need to take this measure because during the renovation you probably handed over your keys to your contractor. While you may have complete trust on your contractor, you never can be entirely sure if the contractor handed the keys to someone of the workers and if they were equally trustworthy too.

4 . Lost Keys
In case of lost keys, you must immediately have all the locks replaced without procrastinating even a little bit. Usually when the keys disappear, you tend to think that they have been misplaced and hence, wait for them to magically appear back. This is not the proper approach and can mean danger for your house and family.

5 . After a break-in
Maybe it was because you made any one of the above-mentioned mistakes that your house was robbed or maybe it was because of improper or inefficient security. But since that cannot be changed, it is vital that not only you improve the security standards of your place but also replace all the locks at your house. If you have been targeted once, you may become a target again.

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