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Simple Ways To Avoid Break-ins

Posted on 19th, Jan 17

Latest advancements in security technology have helped prevent break-ins to a large extent. But burglaries do still happen and sometimes are a result of common errors on our part. “AMCO Locksmiths” can help secure your property with our expert Locksmiths in Perth and high quality services. But, here are some common sense steps you can take on your part to keep your property safe.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

The most common mistake people make is keeping valuables in plain sight for the burglars to see and get attracted to rob. Leaving valuables such as your cycle out on the porch unchained can be one such example, which can result in the thief simply driving it away as you’re busy inside.

You must also make sure to avoid leaving any boxes of new expensive equipment you bought – like a television – outside your house or at a dumpster nearby. This will only attract burglars to find out what other valuable equipment you have inside your home.

Another important thing to do is keep your curtains closed at all times to avoid displaying any valuables. You could even take a moment to open all curtains and take a tour outside to see for yourself which items need to be moved out of sight.

Lock Everything up

This may seem like an obvious thing to suggest but most break-ins are a result of unforced entry. This means that a lot of people either forget to lock their homes or are just lazy to do so. Every time you think, “nothing has ever gone wrong”, “my area is safe,” or “just one lock won’t make a difference”, stop to remind yourself that there is always someone out there waiting to take advantage of your carelessness.

When going out, make sure to lock every possible entrance, including windows, doors and garage entrances. Be sure to install deadbolts onto your LOCKS and use those deadbolts to keep out burglars. AMCO Locksmiths can provide you with all sorts of locks and strong doors to ensure the safety of your home.

Trick the Burglars

There are several ways you can actually trick burglars into keeping your house out of their sight and mind. Firstly, burglars are more likely to avoid homes that have someone inside so when you are not home, create the illusion that someone is there by leaving a fluorescent light on (to preserve energy) or switching on some music or even the television.

Burglars are also known to avoid houses that have security systems installed. If you don’t have one, you can also trick them by just putting a home security system sign outside your house.

For more ways on how to reduce the chance of break-in, give us a call at AMCO Locksmiths 08 9444 2089 to avail our products and services.

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