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Important Items that you often forget to Secure!

Posted on 26th, Feb 20

Home Security Guide from A Professional Locksmith in Perth:

You need to consider a lot of things to keep yourself and your home secure. Often times, however, some important security aspects get overlooked or forgotten by home owners. Keeping yourself and your home secure does not mean just locking your doors. The experts at Amco Locksmiths have created a list of things that people often forget to secure them but that should be on their priority.

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Items Around the House You Need To Secure, According To A Professional Locksmith in Perth

Power tools

A popular target for burglars is your set of expensive power tools which is often left out in the open and not properly stored in sheds and outbuildings. To help police easily identify your expensive tools in case they get stolen, you can engrave your postcode or house number on them or use an “UV” ink pen to mark your name on them.

Jewellery, heirlooms and collectibles

Many homeowners forget to secure their valuables such as expensive jewellery in safes or in secret spaces around your home. Keeping valuables on your dressing table or in drawers can easily be spotted by thieves. It is also recommended you opt for jewellery insurance so your valuables can be repaired or replaced as it covers accidental damage, loss and theft.

Private and important documents

You should not think important documents have no value to a burglar. These are just as desirable to a burglar as your big screen TV. Keep all your private documents such as birth certificates, passports, property deeds, tax returns, and legal contracts in a fireproof safe. Use a shredder to destroy important documents to prevent them falling into the wrong hands. Identity theft is becoming one of the most common crimes in the country. Protect yourself.


There is a reason why medications have to be properly labelled and kept out of reach of children. This is because they can be lethal. These should be stored properly like any other valuable item in a home to stop them from getting into the hands of burglars, along with curious children and forgetful seniors. Your medicines should not be accessible to anyone.

Passwords and PIN numbers

Do not write down passwords and pin numbers as these can cause a lot of harm when in the wrong hands. It is recommended to encrypt, or password protect files when storing passwords and pins. Remember, the Ashley Madison leak? The HBO hack? The criminal world is out for your digital life now more than ever before.

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It is important to remember that there are some important measures to take when securing your property and belongings. Residential security starts at your front door. That is why Amco Locksmiths Perth, your local expert residential locksmith in Perth, aims to provide the best solutions to your security problems.

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