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Amazing Benefits Of Using a Smart Door Lock System

Posted on 18th, Jul 19

Whether it’s a question of protecting your home or increasing security for a commercial space, it never hurts to be smart! That’s why residential locksmiths and commercial locksmiths put so much trust into Smart Door Lock Systems. They’re the best at the job!

Commercial Locksmiths Perth

Residential locksmiths, Perth, have taken up the responsibility to ensure that the entrance to the spaces you love is as secure as the Australian Plait fishing knot (which is super secure, by the way).

Normal locks don’t offer much protection in this age of advanced technology. If we’re using tech support for shopping or for paying money, why not for our home security systems? Which is why we advocate smart lock installation by Perth locksmiths.

Smart door lock systems are recommended by locksmiths in Perth, in order to ensure that you can control the security measures of your home or commercial space, with minimum effort.

Commercial Locksmiths Perth


  • It makes access to indoor spaces easier for authorised people and harder for intruders! Residential locksmiths are being called upon all the time to make duplicate keys for people who’ve locked themselves out and lost the keys! Commercial locksmiths are tasked with creating numerous key replicas for each office member! Do away with all the hassle by using this advanced digital security technology.
  • Controlled by a smartphone, instead of actual keys, all you need to do is connect your phone’s Bluetooth or Wifi system to your deadbolt. It’s safe to say that you won’t be losing your phone as many times as you would lose keys!
  • Gone are the days of waiting to be let into your friend’s home, while they’re away shopping! You can now share eKeys with people you wish to authorise so that you don’t have to drop all your work and run back.
  • Smart Door Lock Systems which integrate features like biometrics scanning or keypad passwords allow commercial spaces to be as highly secured as possible.
  • Commercial locksmiths are often called upon to redo all the locks after a burglary. Reduce the risk of break-ins by installing smart locks in your office, which are hard for the casual burglar to crack. Perth locksmiths ensure that smart locks have digital encryption which cannot be easily duplicated!
  • Using combinations of home automation software and remote access, you can protect your home even from afar! What’s more, some smart locks even allow you to keep an eye on young children or pets at home.
  • If you’re worried about the cost of putting in a smart lock system, it’s a legitimate worry. However, it often reduces your home insurance, so in the long run, there might be bigger returns!

Property owners in Australia are increasingly taking advantage of the experience of having a smart door lock system. And why shouldn’t they! Amco Locksmiths provide high-quality service and a number of smart lock options. This way, each client’s individual security needs can be addressed, and a bespoke security solution can be designed. After all, we wouldn’t want our clients to miss out on the benefits of hi-tech security systems.


If you are unsure about whether a smart door lock system is the way to go for your property, do not hesitate to contact Amco Locksmiths Perth. Our locksmiths specialise in formulating comprehensive and secure systems using a wide range of modern digital technologies, and time-tested methods.

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